Understanding how we

think, feel, behave

Research, watch & listen

each and every nuance matters

Metaphase doesn’t do superficial. The St. Louis firm’s designs are based on intensive research and exacting attention to detail, all sharply focused on utility… a gold standard plan.

The Wall Street Journal.

When it comes to users, we’ve observed that what they say is rarely how they really behave. So we observe, discuss & study their habits and behaviors. And we do this by going to the point of sweat, where they use the product.   Sometimes it’s the simplest little detail that transforms an average idea into breakthrough design so we watch & listen to each and every nuance to discover opportunities to innovate and add value to the user experience.

With 20,000+ hours of global user insight & VOC research experience we have studied thousands of people to know that we are all unique, but there are patterns. Our experts probe users’ habits, behaviors, perceptions, preferences and experiences to discover unarticulated needs.   When combined with our expert knowledge on the human body, we define measurable ergonomic & design performance criteria that inform and focus design teams.

Our in-depth, custom research programs explore and define key design features that make people happier, faster and better at what they do. We drill deep to understand how people perceive and interact with a product across all their senses, emotionally and cognitively; our Synesthetic Research Strategy.

Medical Research is Different. There is simply no room for error, this is how we work.

Elbow-to-elbow with elite Clinicians around the world conducting in-situ research on surgical procedures & systems, clinical devices, manual & powered instruments, drug delivery devices, disposables & test kits, work flows, instructions-for-use and packaging. And like it or not there are rules. So, while others have only recently engaged in HE-75 Generative, Formative and Summative research studies mandated by the FDA, at Metaphase we have been conducting and refining these types of research methodologies since 1991 for leading global brands.

It’s all about the user because if they don’t like it, the rest simply does not matter. For us, ergonomics is a strategy and it shapes how we think and conduct research.

To achieve world class design, it takes in-depth User Centered Synesthetic Research that encompasses each and every detail – BECAUSE EVERY DETAIL MATTERS.