The Dignity Factor©

The Dignity Factor® is about bringing dignity and a more humane approach to the research and ergonomic design of medical devices, disposables, wearables, equipment and home care products.

At Metaphase we are passionate about conducting User and Ergonomic Research to thoroughly understand user needs, whether the user is a child, and adult, or an elderly individual.

Dignity is all about respect, compassion and caring. It is what connects us as human beings.
It has no age attached to it and is the right of every human being in this world.

We observe, study and talk with users about their perceptions of themselves, and how others see and treat them.  We study their living environments to discover friction points, barriers to independence, and identify opportunities for design innovation.

Through meticulous ergonomic research, we measure human performance limits and capabilities to understand and define perceptual, sensory and motor skill issues as well as how these factors affect design. This detailed understanding of social, psychological and ergonomic needs allows us to design and create attractive products that compensate for restriction of skills, restore sensory capabilities and treat all users with care, respect and dignity.

And that’s what the Dignity Factor is all about – researching and designing products that help people live better lives, get well faster, stay well and enjoy life.

This is The Metaphase Difference.

[How can I] “…purchase a single copy or two…of the exquisite IDSA Spring 2015 volume, titled The Hand… physicians…performed 5 surgeries on my right hand…to correct various congenital anomalies. My outcomes…were excellent,…I struggle to provide strong handshakes and cordial grasps…I am currently helping my older sister…[with] bilateral stenosing..and carpal tunnel syndrome…To me, the IDSA Spring 2015 edition is what Vogue magazine means to fashion and art…[it] takes anatomical style and design to a much higher publishing point, by examining the formidable architecture, beauty, and awesomeness of the power of human hands, and in your case, Human Kindness.”
Reader & Correspondent, IDSA INNOVATION Journal, The Hand, Guest Editor Dr. Bryce Rutter, Founder & CEO of Metaphase. Spring 2015