Aria Luxe prestige skincare dispenser

“You know you are 

going to be beautiful.


What defines LUXURY and PRESTIGE, and what are the key differences between the US, Asian, and European markets?

WestRock sought to deliver a superior consumer experience with pump packages for premium skincare products. Typically, consumers evaluate premium packaging along three critical dimensions:


Luxury skincare product consumers would experience 3 categories of pump packages: moisturizers, serums and liquid foundation. The consumers evaluate the products among 3 criteria:

Haptics (touch, no visual)
Perception (visual, no touch)
Full immersion (touch and visual)

The advantage of this protocol is that the haptic portion eliminates the bias from seeing the packages. While the full immersion allows a person to interact and see the package and output when necessary for a complete evaluation.

To complement the consumer research, Metaphase conducted a heuristic audit of the stimuli by human factors specialists. This audit examined the performance of the pumps from a technical perspective – both quantitatively and subjectively – without the emotional attachments consumers often exhibit.


Metaphase conducted group sessions and station research in Paris, France with luxury facial skin care consumers.

Respondents evaluated products individually at group stations, answered questionnaires, and participated in group discussions to discuss why they liked and disliked the various pumps.

“Premium” facial care products encompass both performance and emotional characteristics.

“They reassure me. I think they contain good ingredients and are good for my skin. For facial care, I would rather buy a more expensive product than supermarket brands.”

“You know you are going to be beautiful.”

Consumers believe that the package is expected to be an extension of the product.

“I want to enjoy handling the package.”

“When you think of premium products, you expect nice finishes, nice details that mid-range brands won’t have thought of.”

Global research reveals the key

drivers that illuminate luxury




In 10 months, WestRock and Metaphase,

 using Metaphase’s Synesthetic Design

 Process©, defined the feel of luxury for the

 global skin care market.

The perfect touch