25 Years of

Getting It Right

with designs that look great, fit perfectly & perform flawlessly

Why Metaphase?

Because you can’t afford to be wrong.

Leading Experts in Ergonomic Product & Packaging Design / Worldwide Specialists in Hand Intensive Product Design

It’s about consistency – getting it right every time with insightful research and expert ergonomics that drive design which looks great, performs flawlessly, and fits perfectly.   We do this by integrating research, ergonomics & design.

Metaphase partners with companies’ on a wide range of program sizes from quick Ergonomic & Design Audits to product research & design programs to ergonomic & usability research studies through to strategic programs, from platform strategies to brand language systems through to product portfolios.

Ergonomics: Our team of experts in physical & cognitive ergonomics, anthropometry, kinesiology, biomechanics, and aging measure and define human performance, and leverage their scientific knowledge of the human senses to create the optimal user experience. This experience provides a fresh and novel framework for innovation and designing products that are seamless extensions of our body.

Research: Our team of experts in consumer, behavior & emotional research, business, psychology, ergonomics, and design allow you to see and understand your customers like never before, enabling you to create new designs that deliver a unique and ownable brand experience.

Design: Great design matters! It creates powerful brands, loyal customers,and drives revenues. There is nothing more important than the experience your consumer has when they use your product. This is why we design each and every detail, and why we apply our knowledge of the sensory sciences to design every nuance, through to your branding and packaging.

our Core Values

For 25 years Metaphase has successfully collaborated with a wide variety of prestigious global brands to develop state-of-the-art products that have shattered current revenues and reset the standard for ergonomic performance. To accomplish this we have held fast to our Core Values… The things that we believe in and that define Us… And the things that you can count on from Us.

Honesty – We are 100% honest with our clients and if we disagree we share our point of view and discuss the implications of moving forward on all options.
No Shortcuts – Shortcuts are just that… We do not take shortcuts but instead do what needs to be done.
Respect – We respect and support our coworkers and clients and work towards a common goal of strengthening our clients business and our business.
Responsiveness – We promise a 24 hour response time regardless of who you are – our coworkers, our Clients, and our vendors.

engage now

When you work with Metaphase your products will be more successful and your revenues will increase.


Need a quote?

Let’s talk…  Give us a detailed debriefing on what you want to accomplish, where you are in the process now, what are the design constraints, and how you want to proceed.  We develop detailed proposals that outline our recommended phase-by-phase Work Program, and within each phase its goal, our work activities, your deliverables, and the timeline & budget.  Through tight collaboration with the Client we fine tune the work program until we have a perfect fit.

Not sure? Run a sanity check!

Ergonomic & Design Audits©  Our Audits provide your internal team with a quick sanity check on your product’s ergonomic, design and aesthetic performance. Within 1-2 weeks our team of human factors, design and research experts identify where and how your current product can be refined and optimized. We use a combination of 2-D & 3-D CAD sketching to illustrate recommended design improvements, as well as providing the narrative that outlines features and benefits of this refined design.