User-Centered Synesthetic Research

Every Detail MattersTo achieve world class design, it takes in-depth user centered synesthetic research that encompasses each and every detail.

In research a product user rarely captures in words what their actual behavior reflects. We see this often, so we observe, discuss, and study their habits and behaviors. It can be the smallest detail that transforms an average idea into a breakthrough design, an innovative opportunity with value to the company as well as to the users experience. Our in-depth, research programs are custom for each client and project explore and define key design features that make people happier, faster, and better at what they do. We drill deep to understand how people perceive and interact with a product across all their senses, emotionally, and cognitively.

Our 20,000+ hours of research experience have taken us around the country and the globe. But we also have a dynamic on-site research space called M-Lab where we can simulate a multitude of environments, host on-site observers, and live-stream to remote viewers.

At Metaphase we don’t outsource the execution of our research. All research is moderated, observed, and analyzed by our in-house experts. All of our researchers are cross trained in human factors and design, so they glean deeper insights than traditional market research. Our team conducts:

  • Voice of the Customer Research
  • Concept & Prototype Usability Testing
  • One-on-One Interviews
  • Buddy & Group Interviews
  • In-Home Research
  • Longitudinal Studies

Medical device research is different. We immerse ourselves with healthcare providers and patients around the world conducting in-situ research on surgical systems, instrumentation, clinical workflows, drug delivery devices, disposables, test kits, instructional materials, and packaging. These insights are critical in delivering medical products and devices that truly deliver a safe and intuitive user experience. Due to regulations, there is simply no room for error and no excuse for not conducting usability testing. Metaphase has been following these best practices since our inception in 1991, and the FDA now mandates usability testing for medical devices.

At Metaphase we stay on top of the latest guidance from regulatory agencies regarding usability testing requirements and documentations. Our expert team can help you with your next project. You can read more about 62366 compliant Usability Testing or Contact Us with your questions or request for proposal.

Metaphase doesn’t do superficial. The St. Louis firm’s designs are based on intensive research and exacting attention to detail, all sharply focused on utility… a gold standard plan.

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