Human Factors | Ergonomics

intuitive designs that fit your mind & body

Metaphase is a world leader in applying the science of human factors engineering and ergonomics to product design.

Applying these principals to new product development have been integral to our approach since we were founded in 1991.We believe that successful products require an expert understanding of how our how the human body is built in order to create intuitive designs that are seamless extensions of our body that drive revenues and brand loyalty

Human factors engineering is not something you sprinkle on a concept design – It is our DNA and it shapes and informs every aspect of the design process. It begins with the user, because you can’t design a product if you don’t know how people think, feel, behave and respond.

This is The Metaphase Difference.

Over the last 30+ years we have built a tremendous database of anthropometric data and continue to expand to meet the unique needs of our clients. And, if we don’t have the data our expert team will build the protocol and technology required to collect it.

Ergonomic & Design Audits© Our Audits provide your internal team with a quick sanity check on your product’s ergonomic, design, and aesthetic performance. Within 1-2 weeks our team of human factors, design, and research experts identify where and how your current or conceptual product can be refined and optimized. We use a combination of 2D sketching and 3D CAD to illustrate recommended design improvements, as well as providing detailed performance requirements (e.g. min/max force requirements, critical dimensions to accommodate 5th – 95th percentile hand sizes, etc.).

Metaphase has increasingly melded scientific research and aesthetics in designing new products – changing the reputation of a field once viewed as frivolity.

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