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…Metaphase has increasingly melded scientific research and aesthetics in designing new products-changing the reputation of a field once viewed as frivolity.

The Chicago Tribune.

The Ergonomics of Robotics: Part 2

This article discloses five fundamental human factors that must be addressed in the design of any robotic surgical system.

Seamless User Interface Design

Everyone has stared at an icon that looks more like abstract art than guidance on what will happen when it’s pressed.

“A clear strategy, Metaphase has stuck to its gold-standard plan, and they are thriving.”

Bryce Rutter, Founder & CEO of Metaphase Design Group is the subject of a major features interview on CNN, where he discussed how Design has to not only look great but also must perform flawlessly and fit perfectly.

Bryce Rutter is featured in a special Q & A Interview on “Ergonomics Gets Luxurious”. Bryce talks about how “Ergonomics” is applied to Luxury Products.

“Aesthetics Gains a Scientific Edge” “Metaphase has increasingly melded scientific and aesthetics in designing new products—changing the reputation of a field once viewed as frivolity.”

Bryce Rutter, CEO of Metaphase , is the subject of a Cover Story in   THE OTTAWAN CITIZEN (Business Selections) – “The hand That Rocks the Product” “The man behind such everyday products as the Microsoft Mouse, the Oral-B toothbrush and Gatorade E.D.G.E bottle, just to name a few… His company’s client list represents a who’s who of a business.

The dignity of living is the right of every human-being…

Bryce Rutter is interviewed by Sandra Eckston on “Ergonomics Comes Home”.

ORACLE, Bryce Rutter, Master of Ergonomics. “The tolerance of poorly designed products is decreasing dramatically”

“Sears has the only ergonomically correct sewing machine in the world.”

“Metaphase blends aesthetics with ergonomics to design products that look good, work better – and sell more.”

“Love That”

Dr. Marlo Schapiro interviews Dr. Rutter on CTV on the ergonomics of travel, kids backpacks and back-to-school supplies. As Thomas

“The dignity – of living is – the right of every human being…”

“These (SoloGrips Cup’s) make the competition look like cups you get out of a vending machine”.

“Rubbermaid’s ergonomic brushes…will make you pro…the most precise, efficient application.”

EID Gold Award Winner shows human factors pays dividends.

AZURE Magazine selects Metaphase Design Group as one of the Design Firms in a special issue, “North America’s Most Inventive Industrial Design.”

Bryce Rutter is interviewed about the design of cell phones in “Your Lapel is Ringing” by Olga Kharif.

“Canadian-born ergonomics expert Bryce Rutter is on the cusp of a new trend: the gourmet approach to the everyday.”

The GLOBE & MAIL Style Editors select Bryce Rutter’s Design of Ergonomic Paintbrushes with the Sure-Grip handle as one of its “Picks of the Year” –“Even paint brushes are getting smarter”.

“Solo Traveler Plus ™ is the zenith of current coffee cup design.”

“New charcoal grill offers smart design.”

“streamline this clutter eliminating as many items as possible without sacrificing any function”.

“From cookware to medical supplies to toothbrushes [Metaphase] has won design awards because they’re not afraid to explore new frontiers of design–based on sight as well as touch.”

“A Different Kind of Grill-friendly to the environment and ergonomically designed.”

Rick Lingel interviews Bryce Rutter on his “Ergonomics of Living Design Process”.

“Judges loved the concept, calling it an effective way to do away with the drips and spills

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