Who Is Metaphase?

Metaphase Design Group Inc. is one of the world’s leading Design, Ergonomics, Research, and Packaging forms. Founded in 1991 by CEO Bryce Rutter, Ph.D., Metaphase is responsible for creating award-winning, Innovative Breakthroughs in Design, Ergonomics, Research, and Packaging for some of the world’s most prestigious and influential brands. They include: MEDTRONIC, BECTON DICKENSON, INTUITIVE, bioMERIEUX, AMGEN, NIH, STRYKER, APTAR, SONY, PFIZER, COCA-COLA, COLGATE-PALMOLIVE, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB, J&J, MOTOROLA, MICROSOFT, LG, BIOGEN IDEC, GENENTECH, GATORADE, KRAFT, KELLOGG’S, McDONALD’S, SHARK NINJA, JOHN DEERE, CATERPILLAR, BAYER, ORAL-B, GILLETTE, REVLON and BAUSCH & LOMB, to name a few.

While many Industrial Design and Innovation Services firms are “just discovering observational research, ethnography and ergonomics” at Metaphase, we have been Conducting It, Refining It, and Taking It Further since 1991 for some of the world’s most recognized BRANDS. Our team of specialists in ethnography, anthropology, gerontology, sociology, psychology, kinesiology, hand function, physical therapy, psychophysics and cognitive and physical ergonomics defines optimal user experiences to develop innovative and realistic DESIGN solutions. We will talk about this in depth, and you will see what THE WALL STREET JOURNAL & the CHICAGO TRIBUNE have said about Metaphase’s “extensive research around the world” and “intensively researched design work.” As the world’s leading firm for the Design, ergonomics & Research of handheld products, we bring decades of experience and knowledge on how consumers use their hands every day. 95% of all products we use very day, in everything we do, involve our hands. So, when we say, “hand-held” we mean all the products, that all of us use every single day, throughout our day. We’ll show you how our expertise in handheld design has significantly increased revenue and market share for a wide range of major BRANDS.

Metaphase has “Redefined Ergonomics.” Say “Ergonomics,” and images of ugly office furniture and clunky products immediately come to mind. That’s the Ergonomics of the past. WHAT WE WILL TALK ABOUT AND SHOW YOU IS THE NEW ERGONOMICS – NOT YOUR DADDY’S ERGONOMICS. Metaphase has brought Ergonomics to the Dinner Table, into the Operating Room, to Cool Consumer Products – Paintbrushes, Cosmetic & Beauty Tools, Handyman, Construction & Work Gloves, Toothbrushes, Toys, Watches, Life-Saving Medical Devices, Innovative Breakthrough packaging – cereal that Never Gets Soggy, for KELLOGG’S, a Coffee Cup Lid for SOLO so cool it was selected by The Museum of Modern Art in New York for a special exhibit at MoMA.

We created The Dignity Factor™, which is all about bringing “Dignity” and a more “Humane” approach to the Research & Design of medical devices, equipment, products and home care for people of all ages, from infants to an aging population. In the pages that follow you will see our work, up close – BECAUSE WE BELIEVE EVERY DETAIL REALLY DOES MATTER AND INNOVATIVE BREAKTHROUGHS IN DESIGN, ERGONOMICS, RESEARCH, PACKAGING AND THINKING THAT ARE CHANGING HOW WE WORK, PLAY, GET WELL, EAT ON THE RUN, STAY HEALTHY, HAVE FUN AND ENJOY LIFE.