The Metaphase Difference

The Metaphase Difference: It’s about getting it consistently right, time after time, for our clients with Designs that look great, perform flawlessly, and fit perfectly. And that results in signifiacntly increasing revenue and market share for our clients and the building of real Brand Equity. Metaphase consistently produces successful solutions that provide our clients with patentable intellectual property made possible through the uniqueness of the Design.

We take into account every detail, however big or small. The Dignity Factor is also about bringing dignity and a more humane approach to the research and ergonomic design of medical devices, disposables, wearables, equipment, and home care products.

At Metaphase, we are passionate about conducting User and Ergonomic Research to thoroughly understand user needs, whether the user is a child, an adult, or an elderly individual. Dignity is all about respect, compassion, and caring. It is what connects us as human beings. It has no age attached to it and is the right of every human being in this world. We observe, study, and talk with users about their perceptions of themselves and how others see and treat them. We study their living environments to discover friction points, barriers to independence, and identify opportunities for design innovation.

Through meticulous ergonomic research, we measure human performance limits and capabilities to understand and define perceptual, sensory, and motor skill issues as well as how these factors affect design. This detailed understanding of social, psychological, and ergonomic needs allow us to design and create attractive products that compensate for restriction of skills, restore sensory capabilities, and treat all users with care, respect, and dignity.

That’s what the dignity factor is all about – researching and designing products that help people live better lives, get well faster, stay well, and enjoy life. This is The Metaphase Difference.