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Metaphase’s sensitivities to global nuances [is] the product of extensive research in markets around the world…. Metaphase has defined its mission in pursuing only in-depth, high and, intensively research design work for its clients.

Chicago Tribune.

At Metaphase we combine Research, Ergonomics & Design in a seamless integration that no other firm offers. It begins with the user, because you can’t design a product if you don’t know how people think, feel, behave and respond. Using advanced design research techniques, both qualitative (sensing what people think and feel and how they behave) and quantitative (measuring what people really do), we discover trends & preferences, measure & define behavioral patterns, model lifestyles, user & buyer experiences and purchasing criteria.

We consider all aspects of the design’s performance:

  • Aesthetic Performance: A beautiful product that tells a story – intuitively.
  • Human Performance:  A product that must perform – flawlessly.
  • Anatomic Performance:  A product that must fit – perfectly.
  • Psychological Performance:  A product that makes you feel comforted.
  • Lifestyle Performance:  Everything feels just right – like it was made for you!
  • Financial Performance: A product that is cost effective to manufacture, assemble and ship.

No other firm combines Research, Human Factors and Design the way Metaphase does.

We call this The Metaphase Difference.

Ergonomic & Design Audits©  Our Audits provide your internal team with a quick sanity check on your product’s ergonomic, design and aesthetic performance. Within 1-2 weeks our team of human factors, design and research experts identify where and how your current product can be refined and optimized. We use a combination of 2-D & 3-D CAD sketching to illustrate recommended design improvements, as well as providing the narrative that outlines features and benefits of this refined design.