Project Description

The Integrated Power Console (IPC™) system is a multispecialty surgical power console for removing soft tissue, hard tissue, and bone during ENT surgeries using devices such as the Straightshot™ M5 microdebrider and Straightshot M4 microdebrider.

Metaphase was responsible for the industrial design of the console in alignment with Medtronic’s Industrial Design Guidelines . From experience in the OR, specifically with ENT surgeons, Metaphase knew that the footprint had to be as small as possible while providing the flexibility to be placed on a table or mounted to a pole.

The large ergonomic handle accommodates gloved hands of all sizes and allows one person to reposition the console from a poll or table unassisted. Color-coded input/output ports with intuitive iconography allows users to connect up to 4 handpieces and foot pedal for a variety of procedures.