Project Description

A microkeratome is used to cut a thin flap of corneal tissue in the eye during LASIK or ALK surgery.

Metaphase was originally hired to redesign the disposable cutting tip of the microkeratome that was fitted on a reusable handpiece. However, after conducting observational and voice of the customer research with surgeons it became clear that there was a bigger opportunity. Research revealed that the time required to assemble a disposable tip on the handpiece was equal if not more than the time the microkeratome was used in the surgical procedure. LASIK surgeries are very quick and patient throughput directly translate to the surgeon’s profitability. Metaphase encouraged the client to pursue a fully disposable handpiece that significantly improved ergonomics and eliminated assembly time. Despite the fact that the fully disposable device would be more expensive to manufacture, surgeons were will more than willing to pay more because the device more than paid for itself with the improvements to their speed and efficiency.

  • Observational Voice of the Customer Research
  • Industrial Design Development