Project Description

Bausch + Lomb’s Stellaris Elite® is a surgical console used in cataract and retinal surgeries. When Bausch + Lomb launched the Stellaris Elite® surgeons and nurses started reaching out to Bausch with feedback, not all of it positive. The graphical user interface (GUI) had gone through a major overhaul and some aspects of the new interface didn’t work in the market.

Bausch reached out to Metaphase to help fix aspects of the GUI design that had the risk of contributing to use errors. Metaphase human factors engineers and designers took feedback from the field then conducted root cause analysis to determine the appropriate mitigation. Because the console was already commercialized, Metaphase helped Bausch to make running changes to the GUI that could be pushed out through software updates with minimal need for retraining of users. Metaphase helped Bausch to maintain relationships with their customers by quickly reacting to and resolving their complaints.